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Have you already read the EUMOSCHOOL Comparative Research Report?
It is available now for your download in 6 different languages!

The Comparative Research Report will give you an insight on the current status of the Early School Leaving phenomenon in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Turkey and on the strategies put in to places at national level to address and prevent this issue.

Are you curious about the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Education and how they can help in the Early School Leaving prevention?

Discover more, downloading our Research!


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This COMPARATIVE RESEARCH REPORT has been developed by the partners of the project EUMOSCHOOL – Emotional Education for Early School Leaving Prevention, as first intellectual output of the project.


The project EUMOSCHOOL aims at developing, testing and implementing a new methodology and innovative curricula connected to emotional education within school environments involving 6 countries (Italy, UK, Hungary, Romania, Turkey and Austria), in order to provide an effective intervention model to reduce the phenomenon of Early School Leaving. Its main action is addressed to meet the increasing needs both of the educational staff and of the pupils who will be reached by the project actions.

The project is based on the adaptation at EU level of the Italian methodology “Didattica delle Emozioni”© (Didactic of Emotions, DoE), developed from 16 years’ experience and investigation into emotional education. The methodology has been successfully tested on 3000 teachers, students, parents/tutors in order to improve the wellbeing & transversal key competencies of pupils thus reducing ESL whilst upgrading professional competencies of teachers & pedagogical staff.

EUMOSCHOOL will aim to spread the adapted methodology to a wide range of students, teachers, staff and schools through piloting and adoption of emotional education into school curricula.

As first step of the project, a research phase has been carried out aimed at discovering both the “status of the art” of the Emotional Education and the data regarding the Early School Leaving phenomenon in each country as well as a deep need analysis in the schools, involving teachers and educational staff working on the field.

The Comparative Research Report includes:

  1. a desk research on the educational context & system in the partner countries with in deep definition of terms, existing practices of Emotional Education in schools and a country-overview of the phenomenon;
  2. a primary research on schools & teachers’ needs regarding prevention of Early School Leaving and Emotional Education.

The Output 1 has provided an evidence-based need analysis at the school education level, including in this phase several actors working on the educational field as well as a country-specific research deepening the state of Emotional Education and the data concerning the Early School Leaving.

In this way, the results of this research/analysis has provided a strong basis on which to develop the other intellectual outputs:

  • Output 2 - EUMOSCHOOL OER: an online course on about Didactics of Emotions, with techniques and approaches to be tested in the classrooms.
    This course has been already piloted by 45 teachers in 5 countries and the partnership is currently working on updating the content and structure of it according to the first users’ feedbacks.
    It will be available soon in its new version.
  • Output 3 - Interactive Guidelines for EUMOSCHOOL implementation as a holistic approach to Early School Leaving: an interactive guideline to implement the Didactics of Emotions at school. 
    The guide is the results of the direct implementation of the DoE techniques learned by the teachers through the EUMOSCHOOL OER in their classes. It will contain interesting case studies and information about the implementation carried out 27 schools with more than 700 students. 
    It will be ready very soon.
  • Output 4 - Policy Recommendations: an official document addressed to Educational Institutions Representatives to adopt Emotional Education in the school curricula as a holistic approach to prevent Early School Leaving.

Stay tuned for more information in the next newsletter coming soon!



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